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Song of Ice and Fire

In the mid ‘90s George R.R. Martin began work on his epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. He has been in the Seven Kingdoms ever since.

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Episode Title

The episode takes its title from a mocking nickname given to Jon Snow by Ser Alliser Thorne, first used in the scene Jon Snow begins his training.

Source: Game of Thrones Wikia

Title Sequence

Same as episode 102.

Source: Game of Thrones Wikia / Title Sequence

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Nudity & Violence

Baelish’s Women — when Catelyn arrives at Baelish’s brothel, we are greeted by the sight of several topless women (19:45)

Source: Enslen, Greg. Game of Thrones: Binge Guides

Character Deaths

There are no on-screen deaths in season 1 episode 3. It is the only episode in season 1 which has no deaths.

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Sources: (Genevieve Van Voorhis)  moviepilot.com   and (Carrie Wittmer)   Business Insider

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Related Chapters in the Books

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A Game of Thrones:

  • Chapter 18, Catelyn IV – Catelyn and Ser Rodrik arrive in King’s Landing by ship. At a secret meeting with Petyr Baelishand Varys, Catelyn is told the assassin’s knife belonged to Tyrion Lannister.
  • Chapter 19, Jon III – After training, Jon Snow is attacked by several other recruits but saved by Donal Noye, who shows Jon the error of his ways. Then Jon meets up with Tyrion and later learns from the Lord Commander that Bran has awoken.
  • Chapter 20, Eddard IV – Immediately upon his arrival in King’s Landing, Ned is summoned to a meeting of the small council to plan a tournament. Afterward, Littlefinger intercepts him and leads him to where Catelyn is hiding, where they plan their strategy for justice.
  • Chapter 21, Tyrion III – Tyrion dines with high officers of the Night’s Watch and promises Lord Commander Mormont that he will speak to the king of their need. Afterwards, while paying a final visit to the Wall, Tyrion meets Jon Snow, who asks Tyrion to do what he can to help his brother Bran.
  • Chapter 22, Arya II – Unhappy at King’s Landing, Arya abandons her dinner. Her father comes to her room to talk to her and sees she has her sword out. After a long talk, he decides not to take the sword away. Several days later, Arya meets her new dancing master.
  • Chapter 23, Daenerys III – Daenerys learns to embrace her life in Drogo’s khalasar, and stands up to Viserys for the first time. Afterward, when Drogo arrives to have sex with her, she rides him instead of being taken from behind and becomes pregnant.
  • Chapter 24, Bran IV – Bran is roused from his depression when he is called to the Great Hall of Winterfell to receive Tyrion Lannister. Despite Robb’s rudeness, Tyrion provides plans for a saddle that will allow Bran to ride a horse once more.
SOURCE:  A Wiki of Ice and Fire (Content is available under CC-BY-SA.)


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