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Song of Ice and Fire

In the mid ‘90s George R.R. Martin began work on his epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. He has been in the Seven Kingdoms ever since.

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Episode Title

The episode takes its title from an observation by Lord Varys that the Houses of Stark and Lannister will soon be at war.

Title Sequence

The castle of the Eyrie is added to the map between King’s Landing and Winterfell, with the castle rising out of the top of its mountain.

Source: Game of Thrones Wikia / Title Sequence

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Nudity & Violence

Castle Rendezvous — Theon Greyjoy and the prostitute Ros enjoy each other’s company—and we see them both fully nude, including Theon’s little Greyjoy (16:30)

Inappropriate Lunch—Lysa Arryn breastfeeds her strange son and her breast is exposed for much of the scene (36:00)

Source: Enslen, Greg. Game of Thrones: A Binge Guide to Season 1 (from which the title reference above was also obtained from)

Parents Guide for “Game of Thrones” (IMDB)

Character Deaths

Jory Cassel

Jory was basically Ned Stark’s right-hand man. He was the captain to the House Stark guards and traveled with Ned from Winterfell to King’s Landing.

  • Cause of death: Jaime Lannister stabbed him in the eye.
  • Sadness ranking: 5. He would do anything for the Starks, including getting killed, which he did. This death was a little sadder to see for book readers, since you spend more time with him in the books.
Sources: (Genevieve Van Voorhis)  moviepilot.com   and (Carrie Wittmer)   Business Insider

Filming Locations

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Related Chapters in the Books

A Game of Thrones:

  • Chapter 30, Eddard VII – After viewing the body of Ser Hugh, Ned and Ser Barristan Selmy struggle to convince King Robert not to compete in the melee. The Hound wins the tourney when he saves the life of the Knight of Flowers. Later, Varys visits Ned to reveal that Robert was meant to die in the melee.
  • Chapter 31, Tyrion IVTyrion IV – Tyrion Lannister finds he is being taken to the Eyrie instead of Winterfell, which will fool any attempt to rescue him. His attempts to convince Lady Catelyn of his innocence are interrupted when the Vale mountain clans attack. During the fight, Tyrion saves Catelyn and afterwards he explains that Littlefinger’s accusation has a hole: Tyrion would never bet against his family.
  • Chapter 32, Arya III – Arya is chasing a cat when Myrcella and Tommen discover her. She escapes unidentified, but finds herself in the dungeons. There she overhears two men talking about killing her father. After eventually finding her way out she tries to tell her father what she heard but he does not believe her.
  • Chapter 33, Eddard VIII – Ned and King Robert argue over a plot to kill Daenerys Targaryen. When the small council also sides against him, Ned resigns in protest. As Ned prepares to return to Winterfell, Littlefinger arrives with news that he has identified the brothel that Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon visited.
  • Chapter 34, Catelyn VI – Catelyn and her party finally reach the Bloody Gate and safety. At her sister’s request, Catelyn makes the dangerous night ascent to the Eyrie to meet Lysa and her sickly son, Robert.
  • Chapter 35, Eddard IX – Littlefinger leads Ned to the brothel that Jon Arryn visited. There he talks to a young whore with a daughter that has the look of King Robert. As they are returning to the Red Keep, Ned’s party is ambushed by Jaime Lannister and about 20 of his men. In retribution for the abduction of his brother, Jaime has Ned’s escort killed. Ned’s leg is broken during the fight, and he loses consciousness.
  • Chapter 38, Tyrion V – Tyrion is held captive in one of the Eyrie’s sky cells. Eventually he bribes the jailer to take a message that he is ready to confess. When brought into the high hall, Tyrion manages to convince Lady Lysa Arryn to give him a trial by combat and the sellsword Bronn declares he will be Tyrion’s champion.



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