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Song of Ice and Fire

In the mid ‘90s George R.R. Martin began work on his epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. He has been in the Seven Kingdoms ever since.

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Episode Title

The title of the episode refers to the “fancy” crown that Khal Drogo fashions for Viserys Targaryen. It may also refer to the Lannister clan and their tendency to have golden hair, something akin to a crown.

Title Sequence

Same as episode 105.

Source: Game of Thrones Wikia / Title Sequence

Episode Highlights

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Nudity & Violence

Ros Leaves—Theon pays for one more look at Ros’ womanhood as she leaves for King’s Landing (44:00)

A Crown of Gold—During the feast, several women are seen dancing topless. Viserys meets his end when molten gold is poured over his head (48:00)

Source: Enslen, Greg. Game of Thrones: A Binge Guide to Season 1 (from which the title reference above was also obtained from)

Parents Guide for “Game of Thrones” (IMDB)

Character Deaths

Stiv –  Another Night’s-Watchman-turned-Wildling. Theon shoots him with an arrow in the scuffle over Bran’s horse.

Wallen –  One of Osha’s Wildling companions, a deserter from the Night’s Watch. Robb Stark kills him when they try to steal Bran’s horse.

Vardis Egen –  Robyn and Lysa Arryn’s Captain of the Guards at the Eyrie, Vardis fought as Lysa’s champion in a trial by combat, which he lost to Bronn, who was fighting for Tyrion. Bronn pushed Vardis out the Moon Door.

Viserys Targaryen –  Viserys was annoying, rude, sexist, and selfish. He treated his sister like an object to win him the Iron Throne, instead of, you know, like a person. As the head of House Targaryen, he would have led his family name into a disaster, and probably for dead.

  • Cause of death: Khal Drogo poured molten gold on his head.
  • Sadness ranking: 0.5. By episode six, he had already overstayed his welcome. Dany was a little conflicted about her brother’s death, and that’s the only reason he gets half a point.
Sources: (Genevieve Van Voorhis)  moviepilot.com   and (Carrie Wittmer)   Business Insider

Filming Locations

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Related Chapters in the Books

 Game of Thrones:

  • Chapter 37, Bran V – During his first ride outside Winterfell since his fall, Bran learns of Jaime Lannister’s attack on his father. Robb goes ahead to find the direwolves and Bran is attacked by six outlaws. Robb returns with the direwolves and defeats all but one. The last man holds a dagger to Bran’s throat until Theon kills him with an arrow from behind. Osha, the only survivor, is taken captive.
  • Chapter 38, Tyrion V – Tyrion is held captive in one of the Eyrie’s sky cells. Eventually he bribes the jailer to take a message that he is ready to confess. When brought into the high hall, Tyrion manages to convince Lady Lysa Arryn to give him a trial by combat and the sellsword Bronn declares he will be Tyrion’s champion.
  • Chapter 39, Eddard X – Ned dreams of the showdown at the Tower of Joy. When he wakes he finds King Robert angry about the abduction of Tyrion Lannister, demanding that Ned make peace with the Lannisters. Robert reinstates Ned as Hand of the King and declares that Ned must sit the Iron Throne because he is going hunting.
  • Chapter 40, Catelyn VII – Catelyn gets news from Riverrun that House Lannister is gathering an army at Casterly Rock. As Catelyn and Ser Rodrik arrive for Tyrion’s trial-by-combat they meet Ser Brynden, who has resigned his post and plans to join the defense of Riverrun. In the duel, Bronn kills Ser Vardis Egen and Lysa sets Bronn and Tyrion free outside the Bloody Gate to take their chances with the Vale mountain clans.
  • Chapter 43, Eddard XI – As Hand of the King, Ned hears a petition from some House Tully bannermen concerning raiding on their holdfasts by Gregor Clegane. He strips Clegane of all lands, titles, and his life and sends a force under Lord Beric Dondarrion to dispense the king’s justice.
  • Chapter 44, Sansa III – Sansa wonders with Jeyne Poole why her father did not send the gallant Ser Loras to kill the monster Ser Gregor. The next day her father reveals that he is sending her and Arya back to Winterfell. Sansa insists that she cannot leave because she is to marry Prince Joffrey, who is nothing like his father and will give her children with golden hair. This is an epiphany to her father.
  • Chapter 46, Daenerys V – Daenerys eats a stallion heart as part of a Dothraki pregnancy ritual. Afterwards she baths in the Womb of the World and goes to the reception feast. Viserys soon arrives, drunk and screaming. He draws his blade and demands what he is owed. Khal Drogo gives him a crown of molten gold.



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