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A Dothraki wedding

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Official Synopsis – [Drogo and Daenerys’] wedding is performed in traditional Dothraki style, meaning that the crowd participates in wanton sex and murder. As a gift, Daenarys receives a chest of priceless dragon eggs from Illyrio, and an exiled Westerosi knight named Ser Jorah Mormont gives her books containing the history of her homeland. (Source: HBO)
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Feasting, fighting and fornication

The scene shifts to a rocky beach near Pentos alongside ragged cliffs.  A Dothraki wedding celebration of KHAL DROGO and DAENERYS is taking place. They are seated on a platform (a landing) at the end of a series of steps, marked off by several wooden totem poles; on one a carving of a horse’s head is visible.

A man with a white robe walks toward the platform where he places a gift for the bride, a  silver bowl. Another man brings a chest of snakes. He reaches into it and holds up several of the snakes.

While DAENERYS looks on with trepidation, VISERYS, who is seated next to ILLYRIO just in front of the platform, looks at Daenerys. The camera then gives us two close-up shots of platters of food, one with flies buzzing around, another view of Viserys, a man grabbing and kissing a woman’s neck from behind, and  a topless woman dancing, before coming back again to Viserys.

VISERYS (to Illyrio): When do I meet with the Khal? We need to begin planning the invasion.

ILLYRIO: If Khal Drogo has promised you a crown, you shall have it.


ILLYRIO: When their omens favor war.

VISERYS: I piss on Dothraki omens. I waited 17 years to get my throne back.

There is a brief shot of the same Dothraki man and woman shown earlier, but now the man is groping the woman’s breast. There is a close-up of two drummers. The man is now having sex with the woman like an animal as he thrusts her from behind. 

Two of the Dothraki get into an altercation over a girl each is trying to rape.  They pummel each other first with fists, then draw swords and one kills the other.  

KHAL DROGO watches avidly.

ILLYRIO (to Viserys): A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.

Viserys laughs.

Dragon eggs

A knight in Westerosi garb appears. KHAL DROGO greets him in Dothraki. It is JORAH MORMONT, bearing books.

JORAH: A small gift for the new Khaleesi. Songs and histories from the Seven Kingdoms.

DAENERYS: Thank you, ser. Are you from my country?

JORAH: Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island. I served your father for many years. Gods be good, I hope to always serve the rightful king.

After Jorah steps away, Illyrio motions his servants to bring a chest to him.  He then presents to Daenerys three dragon eggs.

Daenerys reaches into the chest and holds one of them in her hands. 

ILLYRIO: Dragons’ eggs, Daenerys. From the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai. The ages have turned them to stone, but they will always be beautiful.

DAENERYS: Thank you, Magister.

A white mare

KHAL DROGO rises and strides forward. DAENERYS follows him, looking sick with fear. The Dothraki crowd behind her as she goes. The KHAL leads her to a white mare.

DAENERYS: She’s beautiful. … Ser Jorah, I don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ in Dothraki.

JORAH: There is no word for ‘thank you’ in Dothraki.

The KHAL puts DAENERYS on her horse and mounts his.

VISERYS (to Daenerys): Make him happy.

The KHAL puts DAENERYS ride off together.

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Pentos is one of the Free Cities, located on the western coastline of Essos, across the Narrow Sea from Westeros. It is a large, rich city-state of merchant lords. It is due east of King's Landing, directly across the Narrow Sea. It is surrounded by fertile coastal plains known as the Flatlands.


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