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Bran sees the royal party approaching

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Brad sees the royal procession

Scene shifts to the royal procession approaching Winterfell. Bran sees them from his perch high atop a castle wall and clambers nimbly down to tell everyone.

CATELYN and LUWIN walk to the courtyard, passing BRAN’s wolf pup.

CATELYN: Gods, but they grow fast.

CATELYN sees BRAN on the wall.

CATELYN: Brandon!

BRAN: I saw the king! He’s got hundreds of people!

Brad is scolded by his mother

CATELYN: How many times have I told you: No climbing!

BRAN: But he’s coming right now! Down our road!

Bran jumps down landing in front of his mom. 

CATELYN: I want you to promise me: No more climbing.

Maester Luwin appears to grin (as if saying “Fat chance that’s going to happen!)

BRAN (looking down): I promise.

CATELYN: D’you know what?

BRAN: What?

CATELYN: You always look at your feet before you lie.

Both BRAN and CATELYN smile. 

CATELYN: Run and find your father. Tell him the king is close.

BRAN runs off, followed by his wolf pup.

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Winterfell is the seat of the ruler of the North and the traditional home of House Stark. It is a very large castle located at the center of the North, from where the head of House Stark rules over his people.

The castle is located alongside the Kingsroad as it makes its way from the Wall to the capital at King's Landing, more than a thousand miles to the south.





Catelyn Stark

Bran Stark


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