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Tyrion in brothel with Ros

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The buzz about the queen’s brothers

[Scene changes to JAIME in the Winterfell settlement. We see Tyrion inside a whorehouse, swilling liquor and laughing as a woman pops into view after servicing him.]

TYRION: Mmh. It is true what they say about the Northern girls.

ROS: Did you hear the king’s in Winterfell?

TYRION: I did hear something about that.

ROS: And the queen. And her twin brother. They say that he is the most handsome man in the Seven Kingdoms.

TYRION: And the other brother?

ROS: The queen has two brothers?

TYRION: There’s the pretty one. And there’s the clever one.

ROS: I hear they call him the Imp.

TYRION: I hear he hates that nickname.

ROS: Oh? I hear he’s more than earned it. I hear he’s a drunken little lecher into all manner of perversions.

TYRION: Clever girl.

ROS: We’ve been expecting you, Lord Tyrion.

TYRION: Have you?

TYRION: The gods gave me one blessing.

She climbs on TYRION.

Coitus interuptus

JAIME walks in without knocking.

JAIME: Don’t get up.

ROS: M’lord.

TYRION: Should I explain to you the meaning of a closed door in a whorehouse, brother?

JAIME: You’ve much to teach me, no doubt. But our sister craves your attention.

TYRION: She has odd cravings, our sister.

JAIME: A family trait. Now, the Starks are feasting us at sundown. Don’t leave me alone with these people.

TYRION: I’m sorry, I’ve begun the feast a bit early. And this is the first of many courses.

JAIME: I thought you might say that. But since we’re short on time, (he opens the door; a bevy of whores enter and descend on TYRION) Come on, girls. See you at sundown.

[JAIME leaves.]

TYRION: Close the door!

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Winterfell is the seat of the ruler of the North and the traditional home of House Stark. It is a very large castle located at the center of the North, from where the head of House Stark rules over his people.

The castle is located alongside the Kingsroad as it makes its way from the Wall to the capital at King's Landing, more than a thousand miles to the south.


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