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Introduction to the Targaryens

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Official Synopsis – Far to the southeast of Winterfell, on the continent of Essos across the Narrow Sea, a young silver-haired man, Viserys Targaryen, prepares his sister Daenerys to meet a possible husband. As the last heir in his line – a storied family of kings who Robert nearly wiped out when usurping the Iron Throne – Viserys hopes to wed his sister to a Dothraki horselord named Khal Drogo as a means of securing the khal’s massive army to help reclaim rule over Westeros. Callow and mean-spirited, he keeps Daenerys in line by warning her not to “wake the dragon.” (Source: HBO)
Daenerys Targaryen’s Story Arc
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The bride to be

[Scene shifts to Daenerys on a balcony in Pentos, across the Narrow Sea.]

VISERYS (off camera): Daenerys!

[He enters a large chamber.]

VISERYS: Daenerys! There’s our bride to be! Look – a gift from Illyrio. Touch it. Come on. Feel the fabric. Mmmm. Isn’t he a gracious host?

DAENERYS: We’ve been his guests for over a year and he’s never asked us for anything.

VISERYS: Illyrio is no fool. He knows I won’t forget my friends when I come into my throne. You still slouch. Let me see.

The abusive brother

VISERYS pulls off DAENERYS’ gown. He strokes her breast. She endures it. 

VISERYS:  You have a woman’s body now.  I need you to be perfect today. Can you do that for me?

VISERYS:  You don’t want to wake the dragon, do you?


[VISERYS nods and starts to leave the chamber. He turns.]

VISERYS: When they write the history of my reign, sweet sister, they will say it began today.

A hint of what is to come

[Daenerys turns and steps into a steaming hot bath with a despairing look on her face.]

MAID: It’s too hot, my lady.

[But DAENERYS keeps stepping deeper and deeper into the scalding hot water which seems to have no affect on her.]

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Pentos is one of the Free Cities, located on the western coastline of Essos, across the Narrow Sea from Westeros. It is a large, rich city-state of merchant lords. It is due east of King's Landing, directly across the Narrow Sea. It is surrounded by fertile coastal plains known as the Flatlands.



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