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King Robert passes sentence

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Official Synopsis – The Lannisters’ men find Arya in the forest that night and bring her to stand before the king and queen. Ned is furious that his daughter is being handled by Cersei’s family but does his best to control his tone. Cersei says that Joffrey was an innocent victim, and Arya immediately protests. The queen calls Sansa forward, and the girl lies and tells the king that she can’t remember what happened. Almost satisfied, Cersei demands that the wolf be killed, but the creature is nowhere to be found. The matter is almost settled when Cersei decides Sansa’s wolf, Lady, should be put to the knife in Nymeria’s place. Ned is shocked at the obvious injustice and looks to Robert to overturn the order, but the king walks out. Ned says he’ll do the job himself. “The wolf is of the North,” he says. “She deserves better than a butcher.” Outside, Ned crosses paths with the Sandor Clegane (the Hound), who is returning with Mycah’s corpse slung of his horse’s back. “He ran,” the Hound says, “… not very fast.” Disgusted, Ned finds Lady and strokes the animal’s coat for a few moments before unsheathing his dagger and ending her life. In Bran’s chamber back at Winterfell, the injured boy opens his eyes. (Source: HBO)
Arya Stark’s Story Arc
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Now back at the Inn where everyone is staying.

Arya Stark: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Eddard Stark: Are you hurt?

Arya Stark: No.

Ned gives Arya a hug, and softly speaks to her.

Eddard Stark: It’s all right.

Ned looks up at the king’s party.

Eddard Stark: What is the meaning of this? Why was my daughter not brought to me at once?

Cersei Baratheon: How dare you speak to your King in that manner?

Robert Baratheon: Quiet, woman. Sorry, Ned. I never meant to frighten the girl. But we need to get this business done quickly.

Cersei Baratheon: Your girl and that butcher’s boy attacked my son. That animal of hers nearly tore his arm off.

Arya Stark: That’s not true! She just… Bit him a little. He was hurting Mycah.

Cersei Baratheon: Joffrey told us what happened. You and that boy beat him with clubs while you set your wolf on him.

Arya Stark: That’s not what happened!

Joffrey Baratheon: Yes it is! They all attacked me and she threw my sword in the river.

Arya Stark: Liar!

Joffrey Baratheon: Shut up!

Robert Baratheon: Enough! He tells me one thing, she tells me another. Seven hells! What am I to make of this? Where’s your other daughter, Ned?

Eddard Stark: In bed asleep.

Cersei Baratheon: She’s not. Sansa, come here, darling.

Robert Baratheon: Now, child… Tell me what happened. Tell it all and tell it true. It’s a great crime to lie to a King.

Sansa Stark: I don’t know. I don’t remember. Everything happened so fast. I didn’t see.

Arya Stark: Liar! Liar liar liar!

Sansa Stark: Arya!

Eddard Stark: Stop it! That’s enough of that.

Arya Stark: Liar liar liar!

Eddard Stark: Stop! Arya!

Cersei Baratheon: She’s as wild as that animal of hers. I want her punished.

Robert Baratheon: What would you have me do, whip her through the streets? Damn it, children fight. It’s over.

Cersei Baratheon: Joffrey will bear these scars for the rest of his life.

Robert Baratheon: You let that little girl disarm you? See to it that your daughter is disciplined. I’ll do the same with my son.

Eddard Stark: Gladly, your Grace.

Cersei Baratheon: And what of the direwolf? What of the beast that savaged your son?

Robert Baratheon: I’d forgot the damned wolf.

Soldier: We found no trace of the direwolf, your Grace.

Robert Baratheon: So be it.

Cersei Baratheon: We have another wolf.

Robert Baratheon: As you will.

Eddard Stark: You can’t mean it.

Robert Baratheon: A direwolf’s no pet. Get her a dog. She’ll be happier for it.

Sansa Stark: He doesn’t mean Lady, does he? No no, not Lady! Lady didn’t bite anyone! She’s good!

Arya Stark: Lady wasn’t there! You leave her alone!

Sansa Stark: Stop them. Don’t let them do it. Please! It wasn’t Lady!

Eddard Stark: s this your command… your Grace?

Cersei Baratheon: Where is the beast?

Soldier: Chained up outside, your Grace.

Cersei Baratheon: Ser Ilyn, do me the honor.

Eddard Stark: No. Jory… Take the girls to their rooms. If it must be done, then I’ll do it myself.

Cersei Baratheon: Is this some trick?

Eddard Stark: The wolf is of the north. She deserves better than a butcher.

Once outside, before Eddard lays to rest the direwolf.

Eddard Stark: The butcher’s boy… You rode him down?

Sandor Clegane: He ran… Not very fast.

Eddard kills the direwolf on the King’s orders. Just as direwolf dies, scene shifts to Bran’s chamber and we see Bran opening his eyes. 

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Crossroads Inn

The is a popular stop for travelers on the Kingsroad. It is so-named because it lies at the meeting point of major roads which run north-south and east-west. The Kingsroad runs north to Winterfell and south to King's Landing.



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