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Daenerys finds out she is pregnant

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Official Synopsis – At camp, Dany’s handmaiden Irri notices a change in her figure. Cupping one of her khaleesi’s breasts, she announces that Dany is with child. Irri goes to Jorah and Rakharo searching for more nutritious food to feed Dany. When she shares the news with them, Jorah orders the slaughter of a goat before riding off into the night. (Source: HBO)
Daenerys Targaryen’s Story Arc
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Irri is braiding Daenerys hair and teaching her Dothraki. She feels Daenerys’ breast.

Irri: Yes, Khaleesi.

Daenerys Targaryen: What are you doing?

Irri: When was last time you bleed, Khaleesi? You change, Khaleesi. It’s a blessing from the Great Stallion.

Jorah and Rakharo around a fire in a tent.

Jorah Mormont: For a man on horseback, the curved blade is a good thing, easier to handle. It’s a good weapon for a Dothrakan. But a man in full plate… the arakh won’t get through the steel. That’s where the broadsword has the advantage. Designed for piercing plate.

Rakharo: Dothraki don’t wear steel dresses.

Jorah Mormont: Armor.

Rakharo: Armor. Armor make a man… Vroz?

Jorah Mormont: Slow.

Rakharo: Slow.

Jorah Mormont: It’s true, but it also keeps a man alive.

Rakharo: My father taught me how to fight. He taught me that speed defeats size.

Jorah Mormont: I’ve heard that your father was a famous warrior.

Rakharo: He was bloodrider to Khal Bharbo. And your father, Jorah the Andal? He was a warrior also?

Jorah Mormont: He still is. A man of great honor. And I betrayed him.

Irri: The Khaleesi wants to eat something different tonight. Kill some rabbits.

Rakharo: There are no rabbits.

Irri: Find some ducks, she likes ducks.

Rakharo: Have you seen any ducks, woman? No rabbits, no ducks. Do you have eyes in your head? Do you?

Irri: Dog then. I have seen many dogs.

Jorah Mormont: I don’t think she wants to eat dog.

Irri: The Khaleesi have baby inside her. It is true. She does not bleed for two moons. Her belly start to swell.

Rakharo: A blessing from the Great Stallion.

Irri: She does not want to eat horse.

Jorah Mormont: I’ll have the boys butcher a goat for supper. I need to ride to Qohor.

Rhakaro: We ride for Vaes Dothrak.

Jorah Mormont: Don’t worry. I’ll catch you. The horde’s easy to find.

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Essos is an immense landmass located to the east of Westeros, extending into the far east of the known world. The Free Cities are located on its north-western shores, with the Dothraki sea located deep in the continental interior and the cities of the Bay of Dragons on the south coast.


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