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Thorne – “You don’t know cold”

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Official Synopsis – Thorne is not amused with the soft treatment [given to Sam], and later, while Sam and Jon clean the castle, Thorne tells Jon what he’s really doing by shielding Sam’s cowardice: Creating weakness in the ranks that will kill good men. (Source: HBO)



Alliser Thorne: Enjoying yourselves? You look cold, boys.

Samwell Tarly: It is a bit nippy.

Alliser Thorne: A bit nippy, yeah, by the fire, indoors. It’s still summer. Do you boys even remember the last winter? How long has it been now? What, 10 years? I remember. Was it uncomfortable at Winterfell? Were there days when you just couldn’t get warm, never mind how many fires your servants built?

Jon Snow: I build my own fires.

Alliser Thorne: That’s admirable. I spent six months out there, beyond the Wall during the last winter. It was supposed to be a two-week mission. We heard a rumor Mance Rayder was planning to attack Eastwatch. So we went out to look for some of his men… Capture them, gather some knowledge. The Wildlings who fight for Mance Rayder are hard men. Harder than you’ll ever be. They know their country better than we do. They knew there was a storm coming in. So they hid in their caves and waited for it to pass. And we got caught in the open. Wind so strong it yanked 100-foot trees straight from the ground, roots and all. If you took your gloves off to find your cock to have a piss, you lost a finger to the frost. And all in darkness. You don’t know cold. Neither of you do. The horses died first. We didn’t have enough to feed them, to keep them warm. Eating the horses was easy. But later when we started to fall… That wasn’t easy. We should have had a couple of boys like you along, shouldn’t we? Soft, fat boys like you. We’d have lasted a fortnight on you and still had bones leftover for soup. Soon we’ll have new recruits and you lot will be passed along to the Lord Commander for assignment and they will call you men of the Night’s Watch, but you’d be fools to believe it. You’re boys still. And come the winter you will die… Like flies.

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The Wall / Castle Black

The Wall is a colossal 700 ft. fortification stretching 300 miles along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms manned by the Sworn Brothers of the Night's Watch. It was constructed eight millennia ago, in the aftermath of the Long Night to defend the realm against the White Walkers who apparently dwell in the far north, though they are now considered myths by most.


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