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Bran receives lessons

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Back at Winterfell, Maester Luwin and Bran are at a small table, Luwin trying to teach Bran. Bran is fixed on watching Theon as he is practicing his archery.

Maester Luwin: Bran…

Bran Stark: The Iron Islands. Sigil – a Kraken. Words – “We do not sow”.

Maester Luwin: Lords?

Bran Stark: The Greyjoys.

Theon Greyjoy: Famed for their skills at archery, navigation and lovemaking.

Maester Luwin: And failed rebellions.

Bran Stark: Sigil – a stag. – A crowned stag now that Robert’s King.

Maester Luwin: Good.

Bran Stark: Words – “Ours is the fury”. Lords – the Baratheons.

Maester Luwin:: Mhmm.

Bran Stark: The Westerlands – sigil – a lion.

Maester Luwin: Hmm…

Bran Stark: Words – “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

Maester Luwin: No. A common saying, but not their official motto.

Bran Stark: Lords – the Lannisters.

Maester Luwin: We’re still on their words.

Bran Stark: I don’t know them.

Maester Luwin: You do know them. Think.

Bran Stark: “Unbowed, unbent, unbroken”.

Maester Luwin: That’s House Martell.

Bran Stark: “Righteous in wrath”.

Maester Luwin: House Hornwood.

Bran Stark: “Family, duty, honor”.

Maester Luwin:Those are Tully words… Your mother’s. Are we playing a game?

Bran Stark: “Family, duty, honor”… Is that the right order?

Maester Luwin:You know it is.

Bran Stark: Family comes first?

Maester Luwin: Your mother had to leave Winterfell to protect the family.

Bran Stark: How can she protect the family, if she’s not with her family?

Maester Luwin: Your mother sat by your bed for three weeks while you slept.

Bran Stark: And then she left!

Maester Luwin: When you were born, I was the one who pulled you from your mother. I placed you in her arms. From that moment until the moment she dies, she will love you. Absolutely. Fiercely.

Bran Stark: Why did she leave?

Maester Luwin: I still can’t tell you, but she will be home soon.

Bran Stark: Do you know where she is now? Today?

Maester Luwin:No, I don’t.

Bran Stark: Then how can you promise me she’ll be home soon?

Maester Luwin: Sometimes I worry you’re too smart for your own good.

Bran Stark: I’ll never shoot another arrow.

Maester Luwin: And where is that written?

Bran Stark: You need legs to work a bow.

Maester Luwin: Hmm… If the saddle Lord Tyrion designed actually works, you could learn to shoot a

bow from horseback.

Bran Stark: Really?

Maester Luwin: Dothraki boys learn when they’re four years old. Why shouldn’t you?

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Winterfell is the seat of the ruler of the North and the traditional home of House Stark. It is a very large castle located at the center of the North, from where the head of House Stark rules over his people.

The castle is located alongside the Kingsroad as it makes its way from the Wall to the capital at King's Landing, more than a thousand miles to the south.


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