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Tyrion stands in front of Lady Arryn

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At the Eyrie, Catelyn, her men, and Tyrion are all standing in front of Lady Arryn. Her son is sitting on her lap, breastfeeding. He is clearly too old to be doing so.

Lysa Arryn: You bring him here without permission? You pollute my home with his presence? Your aunt has done a bad thing, Robin, a very bad thing. You remember her, don’t you? Isn’t he beautiful? And strong too. Jon knew it. His last words were, “the seed is strong.” He wanted everyone to know what a good, strong boy his son would grow up to be. Look at him, the Lord of all the Vale.

Catelyn Stark: Lysa, you wrote me about the Lannisters, warning me t-

Lysa Arryn: To stay away from them! Not to bring one here!

Robin Arryn: Mommy? Is that the bad man?

Lysa Arryn: It is.

Robin Arryn: He’s little.

Lysa Arryn: He’s Tyrion the Imp of House Lannister. He killed your father. He murdered the Hand of the King!

Tyrion Lannister: Oh? Did I kill him too? I’ve been a very busy man.

Lysa Arryn: You will watch your tongue! These men are Knights of the Vale. Every one of the loved Jon Arryn. Every one of them would die for me.

Tyrion Lannister: If any harm comes to me, my brother, Jaime, will see that they do.

Robin Arryn: You can’t hurt us! No one can hurt us here! Tell him, mommy! Tell him!

Lysa Arryn: Shh… Shh… Shh, my sweet boy. He’s just trying to frighten us. Lannisters are all liars. No one will hurt my baby.

Robin Arryn: Mommy… I want to see the bad man fly.

Lysa Arryn: Perhaps you will, my little love.

Catelyn Stark: This man is my prisoner. I will not have him harmed.

Lysa Arryn: Ser Vardis, my sister’s guest is weary. Take him down below so he can rest. Introduce him to Mord.

Mord throws Tyrion into a “skycell.”

Mord: You go sleep, dwarf man. Sleep good, little dwarf. man!

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The Eyrie

The Eyrie is the principal stronghold of House Arryn. It straddles the top of a peak in the Mountains of the Moon several thousand feet above the valley floor. Those who would approach the Eyrie must proceed in single file, making them very vulnerable to archers. For these reasons, the Eyrie is considered impregnable.


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