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Ned seeks safety for his daughters

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At King’s Landing in Ned’s quarters. Arya and Sansa await as their father limps forward, using his cane for assistance.

Eddard Stark: I’m sending you both back to Winterfell.

Sansa Stark: What?!

Eddard Stark: Listen –

Sansa Stark: What about Joffrey?

Arya Stark: Are you dying because of your leg? Is that why you’re sending us home?

Eddard Stark: What? No.

Sansa Stark: Please, Father. Please don’t.

Arya Stark: You can’t. I’ve got my lessons with Syrio. I’m finally getting good.

Eddard Stark: This isn’t a punishment. I want you back in Winterfell for your own safety.

Arya Stark: Can’t we take Syrio back with us?

Sansa Stark: Who cares about your stupid dancing teacher? I can’t go. I’m supposed to marry Prince Joffrey. I love him and I’m meant to be his queen and have his babies.

Arya Stark: Seven hells.

Eddard Stark: When you’re old enough, I’ll make you a match with someone who’s worthy of you, someone who’s brave and gentle and strong –

Sansa Stark: I don’t want someone brave and gentle and strong. I want him! He’ll be the greatest king that ever was, a golden lion, and I’ll give him sons with beautiful blond hair.

Arya Stark: The lion’s not his sigil, idiot. He’s a stag, like his father.

Sansa Stark: He is not. He’s nothing like that old drunk king.

Eddard Stark: Go on, girls. Get your septa and start packing your things.

Sansa Stark: Wait!

Arya Stark: Come on! (dragging Sansa)

Sansa Stark: It’s not fair!

The two exit Ned’s room and close the door behind them. 

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King’s Landing

King's Landing is the capital, and largest city, of the Seven Kingdoms. It is located on the east coast of Westeros, overlooking Blackwater Bay. It is the site of the Iron Throne and the Red Keep, the seat of the King.




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