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Sansa’s first kiss

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A door can be heard closing. Prince Joffrey walks in. Sansa’s eyes light up as both women stand up.

Mordane: My prince.

Sansa Stark: My prince.

Joffrey Baratheon: My lady. I fear I have behaved monstrously the past few weeks. With your permission?

Joffrey offers Sansa a necklace. She turns around, for him to put it on her, as acceptance.

Sansa Stark: It’s beautiful. Like the one your mother wears.

Joffrey Baratheon: You’ll be queen one day, it’s only fitting that you should look the part. Will you forgive me for my rudeness?

Sansa Stark: There’s nothing to forgive.

Joffrey Baratheon: You’re my lady. One day we’ll be married in the throne room. Lords and ladies from all over the Seven Kingdoms will come, from the last hearth in the North, to the salt shore of the south. And you will be queen over all of them. I’ll never disrespect you again. I’ll never be cruel to you again. Do you understand me? You’re my lady now, from this day, until my last day.

The two share their first kiss.

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King’s Landing

King's Landing is the capital, and largest city, of the Seven Kingdoms. It is located on the east coast of Westeros, overlooking Blackwater Bay. It is the site of the Iron Throne and the Red Keep, the seat of the King.




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