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Tyrion imprisoned in a skycell

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Now at the Eyrie, Tyrion is sleeping and rolls to his side at the very edge of his skycell. He awakes, quickly moving back to the wall. He steps over to the door to his cell and begins pounding on it.

Tyrion Lannister: Mord! Turnkey! Mord! Mord!

The door swings open and Mord rushes in, batting Tyrion to the opposite side of the cell.

Mord: Dwarf man making noise!

Tyrion Lannister: How would you like to be rich?

Mord: Dwarf man still making noise.

Tyrion Lannister: My family is rich. We have gold, lots of gold. I’m prepared to give you lots of gold.

Mord quickly searches Tyrion’s pockets for gold.

Mord: No gold!

Tyrion Lannister: Well, I don’t have it here.

Mord: No gold! Fuck off.

Mord hits Tyrion once more with his club then storms out of the cell, shutting the door behind him.

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The Eyrie

The Eyrie is the principal stronghold of House Arryn. It straddles the top of a peak in the Mountains of the Moon several thousand feet above the valley floor. Those who would approach the Eyrie must proceed in single file, making them very vulnerable to archers. For these reasons, the Eyrie is considered impregnable.


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