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Song of Ice and Fire

In the mid ‘90s George R.R. Martin began work on his epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. He has been in the Seven Kingdoms ever since.

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Episode Highlights

Some of the Night’s Watchmen, including Tarly and Jeor, survive the White Walkers’ attack and pledge to return to the Wall to warn the Seven Kingdoms.

Jon Snow is brought before Rayder, the “King beyond the Wall”, and pledges his loyalty to the Wildlings.

A scarred Tyrion tries to get Casterly Rock from Tywin, who promises other things instead.

Margaery engages in charity work with the orphans of King’s Landing.

Littlefinger offers to help Sansa escape King’s Landing.

Ros advises Shae not to trust Littlefinger.

Davos is rescued by Saan, who does not want any more connections with Baratheon, and returned to Dragonstone, where he unsuccessfully tries to kill Melisandre, who blames him for convincing Baratheon not to let her join the battle, and is imprisoned.

In Essos, Targaryen arrives in the city of Astapor to buy an army of brutally-trained slave soldiers, the “Unsullied”. She is saved from an assassination attempt by the warlocks of Qarth by Selmy, the former Kingsguard commander, who pledges his loyalty.

Related Chapters in the Books

A Clash of Kings:

  • Chapter 63, Daenerys V: Daenerys Targaryen is saved from an assassin sent by the Warlocks of Qarth. Her benefactor swears himself to her service.

A Storm of Swords:

  • Prologue: The White Walkers attack the Night’s Watch in a battle at the Fist of the First Men.
  • Chapter 2, Catelyn I: Catelyn Stark remains under guard for freeing Jaime Lannister.
  • Chapter 4, Tyrion I: Tyrion Lannister recovers from his injury. He asks Tywin for his inheritance of Casterly Rock, but is refused.
  • Chapter 5, Davos I: Davos Seaworth, marooned on a spit of land after the Battle of the Blackwater, is rescued by Salladhor Saan.
  • Chapter 7, Jon I: Jon Snow is brought before Mance Rayder, who allows him to join the Free Folk.
  • Chapter 8, Daenerys I: Daenerys, along with Jorah Mormont and what remains of her khalasar, sails for Astapor.
  • Chapter 10, Davos II: Davos reveals his plan to kill Melisandre to Salladhor Saan, who tries in vain to dissuade him. Davos returns to Dragonstone, where he is arrested and thrown in the castle dungeon.
  • Chapter 18, Samwell I: Samwell Tarly flees from the Fist of the First Men.
  • Chapter 23, Daenerys II: Daenerys meets Kraznys mo Nakloz and his slave Missandei to inspect the Unsullied, and expresses ethical doubts about buying an army of slaves.


There were no on-screen deaths of named characters in Episode 1.

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