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Season 7 Episode 2

Song of Ice and Fire

In the mid ‘90s George R.R. Martin began work on his epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. He has been in the Seven Kingdoms ever since.

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Episode Outline

Episode Plot: Melisandre visits a familiar place; Jon makes a decision.

Title Reference: Episode opens with Tyrion and Daenerys discussing how she received her nickname, “Daenerys Stormborn” (which she has used throughout the series).

General Notes

The Title Sequence
The Title sequence updated for this episode to replace The Twins from the preceding episode with Pyke – even though there are no scenes set in the Iron Islands themselves, the Greyjoy characters are very prominent in it (sometimes the animations are chosen on a representative basis).
SOURCE: Game of Thrones Wikia

This is one of the few episodes to actually refer to the eastern continent across the Narrow Sea from Westeros by name as “Essos” – only four times in the past six seasons, making this the fifth time. It is called “Essos” by name in both Daenerys’s scenes and by Cersei. Essos is a loose fantasy analogue of Eurasia, and indeed is so vast that characters usually refer to a more specific region, such as “the Free Cities” or “the Dothraki Sea“. A character saying “I am going to Essos” is loosely similar to someone in real life saying “I am going to Eurasia” – which could refer to anything from Italy to China.

SOURCE: Game of Thrones Wikia
Two Characters Named Nymeria

This episode has two characters named “Nymeria” in it: Arya’s direwolf Nymeria (who returns), and the Sand SnakeNymeria Sand (who is killed). The dialogue simply avoids referring to Nymeria Sand by name. Both characters were named after Nymeria, queen of the Rhoynar, the founder of unified Dorne who lived a thousand years ago (Nymeria Sand is in fact her descendant as a member of House Martell) prior to this episode.

SOURCE: Game of Thrones Wikia

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A list of the episode’s characters, creatures, institutions, items, locations, and significant events, etc.

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